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Secrets to winning.

Poker is not a game of luck. Nor do you need to be a mathematical wunderkid or rain man. In fact to be truly great at poker you just need to understand the secrets.

Other players give everything away. When you first play you wont even notice, but with a few secrets, tips and tricks you can quickly discover the play tips that will allow you to beat your friends, as well as winning online if that's your thing. As well as the awesome tips on bluffing and reading your opponents, there are some great free pdf document downloads available, at Free Poker Downloads

Before we get started I strongly recommend getting hold of an automatic Poker Calculator. Click here to download the free Magic Holdem. This is an essential tool in my armoury. With it winning is easier.

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Main Story

Poker Tips And Tricks: How A Few Simple Poker Tips Can Give You The Edge Online

The advent of online poker has brought interesting changes to the game. Since players in an online poker room sit remotely rather than altogether around a poker table, they can – and do – behave differently. This page has been written to provide you with some poker tips and tricks which you can employ to give yourself a head start when playing online poker. It also touches on the more sinister side of this form of the game, and the potential risks of playing online.


Play Tips for online

  • The fact that other players at the table cannot see you raises a couple of interesting points. First, it eliminates the impact of the ‘tell’ from the game (although there are more poker tips and tricks about ‘reading’ players later). Therefore, if you think you have an obvious tell or simply don’t have a clue how to read other players you can minimize this disadvantage by playing online.
  • Secondly, you can use poker resources more freely. Keep your most useful poker charts close to hand and use them when making decisions. Some of the other players will be doing the same. You can also take advice from friends. Online poker games do impose time limits on making decisions but it is possible to gain an advantage this way.
  • As mentioned above, physical tells are eliminated in a game of online poker. However, as an online player you have the ability to make notes about the playing styles of other players. Great poker players will do this during a game, analyzing their opponents and storing the information. Most online poker sites will allow you to type notes on a pull down screen (otherwise you can do it manually). Many also have a ‘find a player’ feature allowing you to track down a certain player again. So, if you think you have an advantage over a particular player, find him, join his game and try to beat him.
  • It is also possible to play multiple hands at once. This is not recommended for beginners but is a method used effectively by experienced players operating a successful system. Multiple hands mean that you can win – or lose – money more quickly.
  • Finally, the fact that you cannot see what your opponents are doing brings risks of which you should be aware. The most alarming is collusion – the possibility of several players grouping together in one room and sharing their cards with one another. Since they then have more information about the game, they have a distinct advantage. An advanced form of this could even involve one player sitting in a room on his own with several computers playing the same table and milking his opponents.

Hopefully, these poker tips and tricks will help give you an advantage. Remember that the rake is generally less in online casinos (Click here for the lowest rake poker room) so your chances of winning should be better. Good luck!

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Poker Tips – How To Bluff When You’ve Got Nothing


Different poker players approach the game of poker in different ways. Bluffing is a part of the game and virtually every player will need to use this technique at some point. Some players will bluff more than others and will tend to play the game more loosely, remaining in more hands and winning and losing more chips. These poker tips examine how to bluff when you don’t hold strong cards.

Most of the remaining play tips on this page will have limited value if you don’t remember the first one, which is to make a full assessment of the type of players against whom you are competing. If the majority are tight players then a well-judged bluff is more likely to scare them off, leaving you with the pot. If there are many loose players, then there is a much greater chance that somebody will call your bluff and expose it. So bluff more liberally when there are more tight players involved.

Assess the mood of a particular hand before making a bluff. If everybody is playing extremely cagily (i.e. lots of checking or folding, suggesting nobody has a particularly good hand), then a bluff (i.e. a reasonable raise) might scare them all off, leaving you with the pot. This is easier to do when you are betting late in the round, so bluff more liberally on the hands when you have this advantage.

When bluffing, choose the amount of your raise carefully. If it is too large then you could get into considerable trouble if another player calls it but if it is not large enough you might not scare off all the players.  

If you are exposed as having made a bluff, beware of bluffing again soon after. The table will have noticed and players might be more confident about calling you the second time around.

The final one of our poker tips is simply to remember that bluffs tend to be more successful on tables with higher stakes, simply because people are more restrained in their betting patterns.

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More great Play Tips, and expert Q&A

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