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Last updated: 25th May 2022

PKR ( is one the smartest and most well-established online poker rooms available on the internet. Amongst other features, PKR offers one of the most advanced and attractive software downloads available anywhere.

Poker games can be played out at 3 – dimensional virtual poker tables and players are able to customize their own virtual character.

PKR also offers a good variety of competitive poker tournaments over the main poker disciplines (Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo) – different types of tournaments commence every few minutes during daytime hours.

PKR Bonus Facts

Accepts US players?

No, PKR does not currently accept players from the US.

PKR bonus code?

On its website, PKR offers its own generous PKR bonus code to new depositors. The deal is a 100% match on your deposit, up to a maximum amount of $800. PKR bonus codes are printed on PKR’s website; they are very easy to find and use.
First time depositors will also receive free tickets to PKR’s premium freerolls and 1,500 PKR Points.
In a similar offer to the PKR Bonus Code, players who refer friends to this poker room will receive a $50 incentive; an equal payment is also additionally made to the new player.


PKR software package

In many ways, the software program is PKR’s signature application, differentiating itself from other poker rooms in the market. The software is free and is described as the most advanced program available.
Human players are able to create virtual poker characters – there are even popular options to customize these characters and even use emoticons to make expressions and convey moods and feelings. This is simply as close as online poker can get to recreating the full reality of an actual game of poker, with tells, reads and bluffs!
Virtual characters are able to sit in hugely impressive 3 – dimensional environments. You can even choose from a range of different poker table locations. The human players can choose from a wide variety of different camera angles from which to view the game. PKR is worth a visit even if only to experience the lifelike graphics.

Poker games

From informal Sit & Go matches to a full range of large multi-table tournaments, PKR offers them all. With a good, solid customer base, the multi-table tournaments are particularly popular here, with large prize pools. Sit & Go tournaments are played on a range of differently sized tables – demand is high and regular, meaning that places tend to fill up very quickly. Ring games are also available and, as mentioned earlier, the software technology makes these particularly fun to play with PKR.


PKR television

PKR runs its own television channel (at This means that some of the players who have entered PKR’s multi-table tournaments could end up being broadcast in the UK and other parts of Europe.

PKR Points

As mentioned earlier, PKR Points are awarded to new depositors. They are also awarded to existing players every single time they play real money games. PKR points can be used in a number of different ways:

  • To improve a player’s loyalty status and receive free gifts or magazine subscription;
  • To earn cash bonuses;
  • In exchange for PKR’s shop merchandise;
  • To update a player’s virtual character.


PKR also contains information directed at the amateur poker player, in order to improve their understanding of the game and help them derive even more enjoyment and success from the game. In particular, PKR is notable for the wide variety of neatly ordered information articles which it has published on its site. These provide rules and comprehensive strategy advice for most forms of the game. Some articles have been written by well - known poker professionals.


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